Occupational Medicine

Employer Wellness Programs

Beyond these core services, East End Urgent & Primary Care offers occupational health services that applies to federal and state employers, such as workers' compensation, Occupational Health and Safety Administration and Department of Transportation rules, family and medical leave policies, and patient privacy.

We offer:
� Convenient location, extended hours, comprehensive care, and short turnaround times
� Return-to-work orientation that helps reduce lost work time
� Cost-effective, quality healthcare
� Services that can be customized according to a client's needs
� Emphasis on prevention of injury and illness
� Referrals to appropriate specialists and rehabilitation professionals
� Prompt communication with employers on patient status and treatment plans

Occupational Health & Screening for overall Employee Health

You know how important it is to have healthy employees. We at East End Urgent & Primary Care have all the necessary tools to make that happen. Island Urgent Medical Care offers occupational health services that apply to federal and state employers, such as workers compensation, family and medical leave policies, and patient privacy. Here are just a few of the programs we offer:

Return to work/Injury Reduction

� Physical and occupational therapy
� Return-to-work screenings
� Essential functional evaluations
� On-site physical exams
� Pre-placement employment screenings
� Workers compensation management
� Digital X-Ray/Ultrasound

Industrial and Corporate Wellness

� Complete blood profiles
� Health risk assessments
� Vaccinations
� Drug testing with urine and blood
� Blood-alcohol testing
� Physicals
� Hearing conservation
� Spirometry

OSHA Regulated Screenings

� Audiometric Testing (Hearing Assessments)
� Hearing Conservation
� Spirometry Testing (Pulmonary Function Testing)

Safe Work Place

East End Urgent & Primary Care is in the business of helping eliminate industry and business problem areas. DRUG ABUSE: Drug use in America has become an epidemic. We offer different tests that will help reduce accidents, mistakes or errors in judgment and enhance worker productivity.

Types of Tests:

� DOT Mandated Drug and Alcohol Testing
� DOT Physicals and Recertifications
� Drug Screenings
� Pre-employment Physicals and Drug Tests
� Random Drug and Alcohol Tests
� Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Tests
� Post Accident Drug and Alcohol Tests
� Breath Alcohol Analysis
� Rapid (Instant Result) Drug Screen
� On-site collections

Physical Examinations

� Pre-Employment Physicals
� Work Clearance Exams
� DOT/CDL Exam / 19A
� Firefighter / EMS
� Respirator Clearance

Employee Flu Shots

� On-Site Flu Shot Clinic

Schedule Your On-Site Flu Shot Clinic

EEUPC's on-site flu shot clinic can help keep your workforce healthy and productive this year. The flu can be serious business. Please contact us below to find out more details about our On-Site Flu Shot Clinic.

Corporate Occupational Medicine Forms

� Corporate Account Form
� Registration Information
� Employers Authorization Form